Secretarial Assistant Vacancy (Temporary)


This position has been filled.

I am recruiting a Secretarial Assistant, the role is varied and involves administrative, telephone, database and political work. Suitable candidates should have a minimum of twelve months office based, political or administrative experience.

This is a temporary contract and subject to a salary scale, dependent on experience. It is likely to extend until the dissolution of the 31st Dail. On the job training & overtime is available.

Skills and experience are verified by an independent 3rd party panel.

Enthusiasm, patience and a drivers license are essential.

The role will be located primarily in Leinster House but also my constituency office in Malahide as well as regular work in the field.

Apply to with a cover letter and CV.

Closing Date for applications is October 2nd 2019 at 17.00.



Pay Scale

Secretarial Assistants                   

Point     Weekly Rate      Annual                 Est – 8 hours Overtime

1             €444.26               €23,180.97          €5,851.23

2             €469.25               €24,485.47          €6,180.37

3             €498.84               €26,029.47          €6,570.09

4             €539.59               €28,155.81          €7,106.80

5             €580.33               €30,281.62          €7,643.37

6             €623.30               €32,523.79          €8,209.32

7             €665.65               €34,733.62          €8,767.10

8             €705.23               €36,798.90          €9,288.40

9             €745.62               €38,906.45          €9,820.36

10           €783.94               €40,905.99          €10,325.06

11           €812.40               €42,391.03          €10,699.90

NMAX    €825.89               €43,094.94          €10,877.58

LSI 1       €843.03               €43,989.31          €11,103.32

LSI 2       €857.16               €44,726.61          €11,289.42 

Terms of the Incremental Credit Scheme

Please find details of the scheme approved by the Department of Finance in relation to Incremental Credit for Secretarial Assistants. Qualifying Service for the scheme means previous work that is relevant/similar to the work expected of a Secretarial Assistant. Qualifying Service for this purpose will mean actual service less three years. The previous experience can be in either a public or private sector organisation in Ireland or abroad and must be deemed relevant by the Houses of the Oireachtas in order to qualify. The Deputy has neither discretion nor involvement in granting incremental credit.

Incremental Credit may be awarded on the following basis:

  • In the case of previous public sector employment:
  • One increment per year for the first five years of qualifying service (i.e. 8 years of service in total),
  • Six increments for an employee with previous qualifying service of six to ten years (i.e 9 to 13 years in total),
  • Seven increments for an employee with ten or more years of qualifying service (i.e. 13 years or more in total).
  • In the case of previous private sector employment
  • One increment per year for the first four years of qualifying service (i.e. 7 years of service in total).