600 new Gardaí as Budget 2016 confirms Govt commitment to tackling crime

€67m in additional funding for Justice as part of Budget 2016.

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal and Member of the Oireachtas Justice Committee, Alan Farrell, has said that the announcement of 600 new Gardaí in Budget 2016 marks the Government’s commitment to increasing resources for an An Garda Síochána.

“Budget 2016 announced the recruitment of an additional 600 Gardaí. This is in addition to the 550 who have already started training since this Government reopened Templemore.

“This Government reopened the Garda College Templemore in 2014 and with this budget allocation we are delivering on our promise to ensure it won’t close again.

“Budget 2016 is a clear indication of the Government’s commitment to continuing Garda recruitment and to improving the resources available to those who do such valuable work in our community.

“This news comes in addition to the Capital Investment Plan, which announced investments of €875 million over the next six years going towards new Garda vehicles, ICT, refurbishment of Garda stations, and a new forensic science laboratory.

“This funding will ensure that Gardaí have the necessary tools and manpower to tackle the scourge of highly-mobile criminal gangs and to seek to disrupt crime in both rural and urban communities.

“Since 2012, the Government has invested €29 million in new Garda vehicles and 370 new vehicles have come on stream since the start of this year.

“This Budget is a positive one after what has been a very difficult time and it will contribute to a better resourced and better equipped Garda force. The last few budgets have been hard, but they made it possible for Ireland to exit the bailout, reduce our debts, and develop a sustainable recovery.

“The main priority this year is to maintain, and secure, our economic recovery in the North County, and across the country, while providing relief and better services. This Budget is affordable, responsible and consistent with the Government’s plan to eliminate Government borrowing by 2018 and to sustain our economic growth, jobs growth and future recovery.“