Audit of speed limits will be welcomed by motorists

There is currently no rhyme or reason to the setting of speed limits
Fine Gael TD for Dublin North, Alan Farrell, has today (Wednesday) welcomed plans for a nationwide audit of speed limits. The audit was announced today by Minister for Transport, Leo Varadker, whose Department will liaise with the National Roads Authority and local authorities to conduct the audit.

“As things stand there is no rhyme or reason to the setting of speed limits. For example, the same speed limit of 100km/h can apply on sections of motorway as on rural roads which have sharp bends and blind corners.
“I am glad that the Minister has recognised the need to address the inconsistent nature of our speed limit system. I believe that this nationwide audit of speed limits will help ensure that, in future, speed restrictions will be both safe and sensible.
“The aim of the audit is to address the inconsistencies between different counties, and create a clearer and more consistent system. Although the audit process is expected to take some time, it will be a crucial first step.
“The manner in which speed limits are applied by local authorities should be reconsidered. In my own constituency, a dual carriageway near the airport has a speed limit of 50 km/h, while on nearby rural roads with dangerous bends the speed limit is 80km/h. I sincerely hope that the audit can help bring about safer speed limits on these roads.

“I am glad that Minister Varadker has also encouraged members of the public to highlight their concerns with their own local authority, as I am aware that the speed limit system has long been a cause of frustration for drivers across the country.”