‘Beating Breathlessness’ a modern approach to providing healthcare advice

Dublin Fingal, Fine Gael TD, Alan Farrell has hailed the introduction of a new, nurse-led, online support for people suffering from Asthma and COPD.

Deputy Farrell said, “Earlier this week we marked World Asthma Day, there are approximately 380,000 people with Asthma in Ireland and 1 in 10 children battle the condition. Having the correct information about how to manage the condition is important to staying safe.”

“Beating Breathlessness has been launched under Slaintecare and will provide people struggling with their Asthma or COPD daily tips on management, reminders and strategies through text for 6 weeks. This will also be supported by a nurse-led Whatsapp service to help people with any questions.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “As this service is done online and through text anyone in the country can access it once diagnosed by a healthcare professional or through Asthma Society of Ireland’s website.”

“This is a great example of how we can use modern technology to help people deal with their conditions in a non-invasive manner and give them the information needed that can prevent emergencies.”

Deputy Farrell added, “Most people in Ireland know someone who has an Asthma related condition and many people miss days in work or school as a result of their diagnosis and unfortunately many people will visit an emergency room because of Asthma or COPD.”

“However, we can prevent many of these situations by equipping people with the tools to fight it, in an easy, accessible and modern way, such as the ‘Beating Breathlessness’ scheme.”