Big plans for Bridgefield Car Park – What’s your view?

Fingal County Council has put on public display plans for the enlargement of the Bridgefield Car Park near Malahide Village.

This display period was initiated by your local Councillors with a view to eliciting your views on this Council proposal. The plan would see the removal of one of the existing playing pitches, realignment of the existing entrance and the introduction of parking meters for upwards of 380 cars at a cost of €1 Million.

While I am pained to lead readers of this article on the public display period I would like to point out that despite what I was quoted as saying the papers in recent days, I am not in favour of this proposal as it currently stands. I remain wholeheartedly supportive of the council putting matters such as these out for public consumption so that your councillors can make informed decisions with your views and feelings in mind.

To summarise:

I am not in favour of introducing metered parking at this location.
I am not in favour of the enlargement of the car park to the extent proposed.
I am not in favour of changing the opening hours of the facility in the mornings.
I am in favour of spending the €1 million fee for this facility on providing an “imp” shuttle service at peak times.
I am in favour of rationalising this car park and extending opening hours in the evening.
I am in favour of altering the entrance/exit but keeping buses and vans out.
I remain in favour of introducing CCTV and removing bushes etc for security reasons.

If you would like a copy of the proposal on email, please email and I will duly oblige. You may also email the council directly at referencing Bridgefield before December 18th 2009.