BRT is not a substitute for Metro

Over the last couple of weeks I have received queries from Swords residents, based on spurious arguments put forward by Fianna Fail and a non comparative analysis completed by a local paper.

The BRT is not a substitute for Metro or another light rail equivalent. It is a service being proposed to be added to the arsenal of public transport providers serving Swords.

Today Thursday, the Minister had the following to say:

“The National Transport Authority (NTA) has statutory responsibility for developing public transport infrastructure in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects.

The NTA has proposed a BRT Scheme as an interim solution to the short term demand needs of the Swords/Airport corridor.  It is accepted that BRT will not on its own replace rail-based solutions where a higher capacity solution is required in the long-term, such as on the Swords /Airport corridor.

For this reason the NTA  is undertaking a technical consultancy  to assess the long term rail transport requirements of the North Dublin/Fingal corridor, extending from Finglas to Malahide and including Dublin Airport and Swords.  This review will examine existing proposals as well as other options for a rail-based transport solution to meet the area’s needs in the long term.

Under the current capital plan, funding is only available for the initial design and route selection of a small number of BRT schemes.  These schemes will be considered along with others, including any project identified in the  NTA rail transport review for the North  Dublin /Airport Corridor, when selecting priorities for inclusion in the capital plan post 2016.

The specific projects identified to meet current and future demand will be prioritised on the basis of affordability and a detailed appraisal with regard to their  benefits and costs.