Cynical Fianna Fail/Green Government to cut CIE/Dublin Bus Services.

Cynical Fianna Fail/Green Government to cut CIE/Dublin Bus Services.

The announcement made by Transport Minister Dempsey yesterday evening shows the sheer scale of incompetence by the present Government in managing our public finances. Yet more front line services to be cut.

While the Government have invested billions in our public transport network, we still lag decades behind most of our European partners due to incompetence and failure to control overspends. Any reduction in bus services for the greater Fingal area will bring massive heartache to the tens of thousands who commute to work every day.

€25 Million in the local Government Fund, €530 Million in the Health services and now countless millions to be taken from our public transport providers. What’s next for Fianna Fail & the Green Party? A reduction in the old age pension? Perhaps social welfare payments?

The scale of mismanagement by this government beggars belief when for the past decade we have seen giveaway budgets and electioneering via taxpayers contributions by successive Ministers for Finance, including our rudderless Taoiseach. Not only I am calling on the Government and the Chief Whip to bring back the Dail in early January but also that they finally announce their program for recovery so that the public may regain some confidence in their own economic futures, especially during Christmas week.

If the Government want a sack of coal from Santa this Christmas, they are certainly going the right way about it. Its high time the Government stepped up to the plate and showed some semblance of leadership.