Disappointing neglect of protected structure

The former Signalmans House at Howth Junction DART station has fallen into disrepair following constant attacks despite being a protected structure under the Fingal County Council Development Plan.

CIE/Iarnrod Eireann have been aware that this historic building, through its association with the construction of the Dublin to Drogheda Railway in the mid 19th century, has been subject to vandalism and arson attacks, so that only the shell of the structure really remains. Fingal County Council has been in discussion with Iarnrod Eireann and CIE Group Property Management to try to find an appropriate use for this building, however it does not meet any of Iarnrod Eireann’s operational needs. I have now been asked to enquire with community group or organisation that may be prepared to take the property on and would have the financial resources for such a project. If no use can be found for this structure it is likely to continue to attract anti-social behaviour which has exacerbated its deterioration.

CIE have asked that the building be removed from the record of protected structures should no suitable use be found, presumably so that they have demolish it.

Do you have a suitable use for this building?