Dublin’s Tourism to benefit from Govt’s ‘3-pronged plan’

Fine Gael Dublin North Deputy Alan Farrell has warmly welcomed the ‘Three-Pronged Plan’ for tourism announced by the Government this week, saying that the initiatives being implemented can only help attract tourists to Dublin and create jobs as a result.

This week, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, said that the Government will abolish the travel tax, rebate levels of charges to airlines by Dublin Airport Authority and establish a new marketing initiative.

“Tourism is vital for Dublin and the initiatives announced by the Government can only help get tourists into the city and, as a result, help create jobs.

“The ‘Three-Pronged Plan’ revealed this week will:

1. Abolish the travel tax if airlines commit to deliver more tourists to Ireland;

2. Rebate substantial levels of charges to airlines by Dublin Airport Authority in return for additional passengers brought into Ireland; and

3. Set up a joint marketing initiative between Tourism Ireland, the DAA and the airlines to encourage more tourists to fly into Ireland.

“Fine Gael has long believed that tourism must be at the heart of economic regeneration and the Government plan will set the groundwork for more tourists to come here and for further jobs to be created.

“However, this plan is just the beginning. I am also heartened that other strategies have been initiated by the Government, such as changing the visa regime to make it easier for tourists from emerging economies to visit Ireland, halving employers’ PRSI and cutting VAT on the cost of many services. Allied with the work placements and internships that will come on stream, it is clear that job creation is at the heart of the new government and that can only be good for Dublin.”