€6.7 million in ICT infrastructure grants for Dublin will benefit each primary and post-primary school in the North County

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has confirmed that roughly €6.7 million is available to schools in Dublin to develop Information and communications technology, which will benefit every school in the North County

“My Fine Gael colleague, the Minister for Education Richard Bruton, has confirmed to me that he is investing €6.7 million in ICT infrastructure grants for primary and post-primary schools in Dublin, and this will benefit every school in Dublin Fingal.

“The Digital Strategy ICT Infrastructure Grant for 2016/2017 is worth approximately €4,000 for a 100 pupil school and approximately €11,000 for a 500 pupil school at primary level. At post-primary level, the grant is worth circa €15,000 for a 500 student school, and over €27,000 for a 1,000 student school. This grant will benefit every school here in Dublin Fingal.

“The funding will support the development and implementation of an eLearning Plan for each school to embed ICT in teaching and learning.

“Some examples of the infrastructure that schools can purchase with this funding are:
· Teaching computers/shared student computers. These may include desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices.
· Projectors including short throw or ultra-short throw, long throw, interactive, or interactive flat screens (IFS).
· Cloud based tools and applications to support learning.
· Learning platforms – these are generally cloud based applications used to support the teaching and learning process.

“The rates payable are €2,000 per school plus €22.20 per mainstream pupil in primary schools, with additional per capita payments for pupils in DEIS schools, Special Classes and Special Schools. At post-primary, the rates payable are €2,000 per school plus €31.90 per student, with an additional per capita payment for students in DEIS schools.

“Fine Gael’s education strategy sets out a clear vision that is focussed on realising the potential of digital technologies to transform the learning experiences of students, providing them with marketable digital skills as they progress through the education system.”