Earth Day an opportunity to focus on the challenge ahead

Fine Gael Climate Action Spokesperson and Dublin Fingal TD, Alan Farrell has for asked a redoubling of efforts in fight against Climate Change as international community marks Earth Day 2021.

Deputy Farrell said, “Today, Thursday, 22nd April, marks Earth Day and a chance for us to redouble our efforts at home, and internationally, to tackle Climate Change and make the progress we need to see, in order to leave a sustainable planet to future generations.”

“We have made significant progress in the past number of years, from entering the Paris Climate Accords to launching the Climate Action Plan in 2019 and more recently the Climate Action & Low Carbon Emissions Bill, which will set Ireland on a path to  a 51% reduction in emission by 2030 and reaching Net Zero by 2050.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “We can already see the effects of Climate Change both in Ireland and around the world, left unchecked these effects will become more deadly and lead to a wide range of devastating consequences. However, many of these scenarios can be avoided by acting now and acting effectively.”

“Projects at home such as retrofitting, improving cycle and walkways in our towns and cities, smart metering, electrification of our transport networks, heat pumps installations, as well as increased investment in wind and solar energy, are all underway in Ireland and will need be enhanced further as the years go on.”

“Internationally, there is an increasing awareness that we must act now. Larger emitters must recognise the impact they are having and take significant action to address this matter. Some poorer nations are already being badly effected by Climate Change and struggling to adapt, while developed nations have a moral responsibility to help these States build climate resilient infrastructure, while at the same time developing their economies which will benefit us all.”

Deputy Farrell added, “I believe that Ireland can play a unique role in contributing to the formation of a global climate coalition, leading by example from home through Climate Action policies, driving innovation and leading internationally through our positions in the EU and on the UN Security Council. Moreover, next months’ Dublin Climate Dialogues will be an important aspect to the build up to COP26 in November.”

“Climate Change is the biggest challenge we will face in our lifetimes and while the task may seem daunting, it is possible to avoid the worst of what could be, but it will require us all to take up the cause and to demand action.”