ESB outages across Malahide & Kinsealy

Following several ESB Power cuts / outages over the past number of days I have requested information as to the cause of the problem.

Below is the response I received.

“On behalf of ESB, I apologise for the disruption and inconvenience arising from the electricity supply interruptions on the 19th & 24th March and again last night 14/4/09. These were due to faults on 10kv cables in the Kinsealy area.

On the first two occasions a section of the cable in Kinsealy Downs failed. This section has now been replaced and the network restored to normal. The more recent was on a different section of cable close to Melrose Court.

This section of cable has been disconnected from the system until we establish the reason for the failure and if need be it will be replaced.

In the meantime I have taken steps to supply as many customers in the area as possible from other sources until we have carried out what system improvement work that is required.”