Establishment of ‘Grow Dublin Tourism Alliance’ will boost visitor numbers to Dublin Fingal

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell is pleased with the announcement by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohue TD, regarding the establishment of a new group under Fáilte Ireland who will develop a brand identity for Dublin. The aim of this is to boost tourism, foster the creation of more jobs, and increase revenue streams into our capital city.


“I am pleased that a group called the ‘Grow Dublin Tourism Alliance’ will be established, under Fáilte Ireland, with the purpose of developing a singular brand identity for Dublin as a means to making the city more attractive to tourists and more competitive with other European cities.


“Dublin has not fully reached its tourism potential and, while there has been an increase of more than 9% in tourism figures so far this year; we have the ability to further boost visitor numbers. With so many attractive destinations Dublin, particularly in the North County, the use of a singular branding strategy will introduce greater revenue streams into our local communities and will create many more jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector.


“As many as 300 brands have been used to promote different aspects of Dublin; this is something which can often confuse the perception tourists have of the city and its various attractions. By using one cohesive branding strategy, it will be possible to maximise the attractiveness of the region to potential tourists. This will subsequently benefit communities across the city, and in Dublin Fingal,


“The North County, with its beautiful scenery and numerous attractions, will certainly benefit from any increase in visitor numbers. I believe the use of such an innovative strategy will create more jobs in our local towns and provide greater support to businesses in our local communities through the revenue brought in by visitors. As we have seen over the last few years, tourism can be a strong engine of economic growth. I am glad to see that this emphasis on tourism is set to continue as this will certainly benefit local communities in Dublin Fingal, and throughout the city.”