Farrell calls for Council to withdraw from public display process for car park at Malahide Castle.

Farrell calls for Council to withdraw from public display process for car park at Malahide Castle.
At a council meeting today, November 5th Fine Gael Councillor Alan Farrell tabled an emergency motion to insist that the Council withdraw from the planning process for the proposed car park extension and introduction of metered parking at Bridgefield, near Malahide Village.
The proposal for the enlargement of the car park at Malahide Demesne recently went on public display without any prior consultation with stakeholders, in fact a drawing of the proposal was emailed to Councillors just two days before it was to be presented in the latter stages of October.  Given the proposals size and implications for the town of Malahide and the enormous volume of opposition to this process I took the decision to insist that Fingal County Council withdraw from this consultation process and consign this proposal to the bin.

Following extensive discussion with several groups and individuals over the past two week, including a four hundred strong group of individuals who signed up to a Facebook petition, it became abundantly clear that the councils endeavours would ultimately be a waste of valuable resources and time and that their efforts would be better spent attending to other matters.  It was also suggested by a number of individuals that the sole purpose of this enlarged car park with paid parking was in order to generate much needed funds for the council, a suggestion which is extremely disappointing if proved true and most certainly was not suggested at any previous meeting of the council.
Following a heated discussion, the motion was agreed by the full area committee meeting held in Baldoyle.  It is now clear that the Director of Services for the Parks Department, Mr. Senan Turnbull has a simple decision to make, go on wasting the valuable time of his staff or stop this unwanted process now.
I will continue to monitor this proposal carefully to ensure that the wishes of the vast majority of those who have contacted me are honoured.