Farrell demands urgent investment in healthcare for Swords

Provision of a Primary Care Centre for Swords must be a priority for the HSE and Government

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell has called upon the Government to deliver investment in healthcare in Swords, and provide a Primary Care Centre to serve the needs of residents in Swords.

“We are all aware that the population in Swords is growing rapidly, and will continue to increase in the coming years.

“In order to cater for the needs of residents in Swords, and the future growth of the town, it is vital that the necessary infrastructure is provided to our local community as a matter of urgency.

“Given the number of people that live in Swords and its surrounding communities, I believe it is vital that the health services provided for local residents are enhanced. As such, I believe the delivery of a Primary Care Centre for Swords must be a priority for the Government.

“Primary Care Centres provide important services for the local community in which they are based.

“Primary Care Centres are essential in terms of providing treatment which supplements those provided by our hospitals.

“Furthermore, the development of such a facility in Swords would provide residents with the required care facilities locally so they do not have to journey to hospital with health issues which could be treated by primary care.

“Currently, we have waiting lists which are simply too long for a number of healthcare services in the North County. Long waiting lists for important services cannot be accepted.

“The inability of previous governments to deliver additional healthcare infrastructure in Swords has not gone unnoticed. While this is regrettable, it can no longer be tolerated as Swords continues to grow. The HSE must act now, and deliver the investment in health care Swords and its surrounding areas both needs and deserves, including the provision of a Primary Care Centre for the local community.

“A Primary Care Centre in Swords could potentially enhance the provision of those services, which are under great pressure, and work towards reducing waiting lists. This would allow those in need of a number of treatments, which do not require hospitalisation, to receive care in their own community in a more appropriate timeframe than is currently possible.”