Courts Service decision to retain Swords and Balbriggan Courthouses vital for Fingal

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell TD, has welcomed the decision by the Courts Service to withdraw from the proposed closures of the Swords and Balbriggan courthouses.


“I am pleased that the Courts Service has announced that they will not close the Swords and Balbriggan Courthouses as previously planned. I believe that the closure of these courts would have had the effect of increasing the cost of the administration of the courts themselves and of limiting people’s access to the courts which is undesirable both in terms of fiscal prudence and given the absolute importance of access to justice. Furthermore, I believe that shutting both of these courthouses would have had a negative impact on the justice system as a whole and would have adversely affected the local communities of Swords and Balbriggan.”


“Whilst I understand that the Courts Service proposed the closure of several courthouses, including those in Swords and Balbriggan with the intent of strengthening the efficacy of the judicial system, I firmly believe that they consultation process has highlighted some serious concerns relating to the effect of such closures on the areas surrounding the courthouses. When these concerns are considered in light of the very real possibility of increased costs in the administration of justice, I am heartened by the decision to keep these courthouses open.”


“In addition to this, they would likely have damaged the local economy in Swords and Balbriggan by reducing the footfall experienced by businesses in the local communities of days when these courts are sitting.”


“It was a sensible decision by the Courts Service to shelve the plans to close the courthouses in Swords and Balbriggan and reassign their cases elsewhere. I am sure this will be welcome news to local solicitors, business people and the local communities as a whole.”