Farrell welcomes Minister Coffey to Rush to review progress of pyrite remediation scheme

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, welcomed the Minister of State responsible for Housing, Paudie Coffey to Ravenswell Estate in Rush to review, first hand, the progress of works being carried out under the pyrite remediation scheme.


“I am pleased that Minister Coffey accepted my request that he visit Ravenswell Estate in Rush to review the work being carried out under the pyrite remediation scheme. I have previously called on Minister Coffey to examine the possibility of expanding the pyrite remediation scheme, and to tackle the issue of pyrite affected homeowners being refused home insurance. I am delighted that Minister Coffey is fully engaging with the pyrite issue and that he has taken the time to review the progress of the remediation works in Ravenswell first hand.


“I am glad that remediation works have started, under the scheme, in the North County. As a homeowner whose own home was affected by pyrite, I will continue to campaign on this issue until a resolution is found to assist all homeowners who have been impacted by pyrite.


“With Dublin Fingal being among the areas most acutely impacted by the presence of pyrite in homes, I am pleased that remediation works are underway and that the homeowners most affected by pyritic heave will have this issue resolved.


Minister Coffey said “To date 520 homes have been approved for remediation under the pyrite scheme. 132 dwellings are contracted for remediation and will be completed on a phased basis over the coming weeks. 21 have already been remediated and I expect this progress to increase in the coming period. I was pleased to visit North County Dublin to view an estate that was affected by Pyrite to see at first hand the difficulties many homeowners have experienced and to get an update on the ground of how effectively the pyrite scheme is working. I will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the Pyrite Remediation Scheme is effective and deals with legacy issues that developed during the celtic tiger years.”


Deputy Farrell concluded “While it is great to see these works underway in the North County, the issue remains that many homeowners are not currently eligible to have remediation works carried out until either the developer who built their house accepts responsibility and endeavours to complete the necessary works, or ceases doing business. I will continue to actively engage with Minister Coffey and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in relation to this.”


Alan Farrell with Minister Coffey

(Minister Paudie Coffey & Alan Farrell TD at Ravenswell, Rush)