Farrell welcomes Saturday Voting for Children’s Referendum

Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has welcomed today’s announcement by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny that the Children’s Referendum will be held on a Saturday.

“Earlier this year I introduced a Bill to the Dáil to legislate for weekend voting, on the basis that it will have less impact on public services, our schools, and allows the opportunity for students and those working away from home to engage in the democratic process.  

“The decision to hold the Children’s Referendum on a Saturday will ensure that the maximum number of people across the country will have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“This is a referendum that will protect the rights of the most vulnerable group in society, our children. It is appropriate that we do not exclude any group from this democratic process.

“I believe it is appropriate for this referendum in particular to be held on a Saturday as it reduces the disruption to our children’s education on polling day, where normally more than 1,200 schools around the country are required to close to facilitate as polling stations, meaning parents must make alternative childcare arrangements.

“It also allows for our young students who are attending college away from home to engage in the democratic process on such a vital issue affecting young people.”