Farrell welcomes the Government’s decision on the restoration of discretionary medical cards.

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has stated that he is encouraged by the Government’s decision to restore discretionary medical or GP visit cards to over 15,000 people with serious medical conditions.

“I am glad to see that people with serious medical conditions will have their medical cards returned to them automatically. This action is long overdue. Many people have been put under undue stress due to the medical card review process even though they have a significant medical need which necessitates expensive treatments and drugs. Such treatments can place an increased financial strain on the affected people, the cost of which was not taken fully into account when their income was examined under the review process.”


“Those who lost their medical cards having completed the eligibility review will not have to take any action as the HSE will review their records and restore the medical and GP visit cards of those who have a serious medical condition. In addition to this, the HSE will implement an appeals process for those, with serious and ongoing conditions, who have lost their discretionary medical cards having not completed the review process to allow for the restoration of their cards. These cards will be valid for one year during which the Expert Group of medical professionals will report to the Department of Health and, following this, a framework will be put in place to provide medical cards on the basis of medical need.”


“The HSE will work to restore medical and GP visit cards to those who completed the eligibility review, and are now entitled to have their card returned to them, within a 3 week period. It was clear that the review process was flawed from the outset and the timely return of these cards is the least that can be done to assist those who have suffered as a result.”