Fingal County Council must help communities get around in icy conditions

“At yesterday’s Council meeting I posed an emergency motion in order to discuss Fingal County Council preparedness for further snow and icy conditions in the coming weeks.
“The thrust of my argument was that the Council would provide sand/grit or salt to communities who are snowed in, as was the case for many thousands of houses across the county in recent days.  I completely understand that the Council are unable to provide sufficient staff to grit housing estates which is why I would like to see the Council provide communities with the tools to complete this invaluable work for themselves.
“Wicklow County Council provided in excess of 20 tonnes of grit and sand to communities who were snowed in.  This proactive, outside the box thinking is what is needed in these difficult times and is essential if we are to keep our schools open and our communities moving.
“I would like to complement the Council staff on their Trojan work over the last number of weeks, most especially the Roads crews and our Water Services staff attempting to keep our water supplies flowing.