Government offers unprecedented level of information to electorate on upcoming referendum

Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has outlined the various ways in which the public have access to more information about the upcoming Stability Treaty than any other referendum that we have been asked to vote on in the past.

Deputy Farrell’s comments come on foot of a claim by opposition campaigners that there is a ‘a lack of information and clarity on the contents of the Treaty’, referring to the upcoming referendum on the 31st May.

“The claim by Deputy Clare Daly that the Government are lacking clarity and causing confusion about the Treaty could not be further from the truth. There is an unprecedented amount of information that the government parties are making available to the electorate. For the first time ever, the independent referendum commission has sent a copy of the actual Treaty, along with an explanatory guide to each home in the country, with an online version available at Each government party has launched a dedicated website, and Fine Gael have even launched a dedicated Facebook page to allow the public to query aspects of the Treaty with TDs and Ministers.

“Fine Gael last week launched its dedicated Treaty information website An information leaflet from the local Fine Gael branch has been distributed to every home in the North County, and I, along with my party colleagues and members have begun an information canvass and will be calling to as many doors as possible to engage with the public. This is to ensure that the electorate can access clear and concise information to allow individuals make an informed decision for the sake of our country.

“Last month I arranged a public information meeting with former Taoiseach John Bruton to discuss the Treaty with the opportunity for all in the North County to attend and outline their queries on the Treaty. This meeting was very successful and it was a unique opportunity to bring information about this crucial Treaty to North County Dublin from an expert in this field.

“There has never been more information available during a referendum such as this, and it is disingenuous to claim that this is not the case.

“I would urge Deputy Daly and all those involved in campaigning for this Treaty to make statements on facts alone. Deputy Daly accused the government parties of ‘concentrating on scare tactics, rather than on what’s actually in the budget’ when the entire YES campaign is based around protecting our budget and our security, while the NO side have yet to provide a credible answer to any questions about their budgetary policy.

“The crux of this Treaty is that the safety net of the ESM, along with the international message of budgetary responsibility, will bring about a quicker return to the markets to eventually regain our economic sovereignty, while continuing to encourage foreign direct investment which in turn creates jobs. It is for this reason that the Fingal Chamber of Commerce, along with other local chambers, who represent a large number of small and medium businesses in Swords and the surrounding areas are supporting a YES vote for the Treaty.

“I am urging everyone to inform themselves as much as possible on the information regarding this Treaty and to vote YES on the 31st May.”