Huge increases in bin charges are unacceptable

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal has said the increase in charges by bin companies serving residents in the North County, and across the country, are wholly unacceptable.

“The huge increase in bin charges by companies serving residents in communities throughout Dublin Fingal, and across the country are wholly unacceptable. These increases are tantamount to price gouging and cannot be justified as being in the interests of customers. The expectation of a pay-by-weight system was that consumers would end up paying less, however, this is not becoming a reality and, on that basis, this action by bin companies is, in my opinion, objectionable.

“I believe it is of the utmost importance that regulation of bin companies, and the waste industry is increased in order to ensure customers are receiving the best possible service without being subject to extortionate prices.

“We cannot stand by and allow bin companies to act in this manner, to the detriment of the pockets of consumers in the North County.

“At this stage, I believe that an investigation into the charging structures being used by these companies by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is an absolute necessity and this is a view I have communicated to Minister Simon Coveney.”