Important commitments made to the LGBTI+ community

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell has said that the Programme for Government has set out important advancements to LGBTI+ rights in Ireland.

Deputy Farrell said, “It has been five years since the passage of the Marriage Equality Referendum, however despite this success, there remains much work to be done to deliver full equality to our LGBTI+ citizens.”

“The Programme for Government has made a number of commitments to the LGBTI+ community that will mark significant advancements in our legislation. These include, banning conversion therapy, providing for adoptive leave and benefit for male same-sex adoptive couples and implementing a general health policy for Trans people.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “We have come a very long way in our collective approach to social issues in Ireland and I look forward to enhancing legislation that will extend the dignity and respect the law provides to so many in this country, to those that still do not have access to.”

“The LGBTI+ community and in particular young members of this group are disproportionately affected by mental health issues. We should not tolerate a scenario that allows inaction on this reality, I am pleased that the PFG also commits to implementing the National LGBTI+ and LGBTI+ Youth Strategy, respectively.”

Deputy Farrell added, “Creating an Ireland, that all our children can grow and be themselves in, benefits every child born on this island regardless of gender or orientation and will, I hope, be one that we can progress in the coming years.”