Irish Water finally sign contract allowing wastewater works in Rush to commence

Work on this vital project to provide for the local community & stop raw sewage being pumped into the sea untreated will commence in November of this year.

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell is pleased that Irish Water have finally signed the contract for the new Wastewater Collection Network Scheme to serve the needs of the community in Rush and its surrounding areas.

“I am pleased that Irish Water have finally signed the contract for construction to begin on the new wastewater infrastructure to serve the needs of the local community in Rush and its environs. This is particularly important to address the issues regarding the bathing water at South Beach in Rush which has adversely impacted local residents, and the town itself, for far too long.

“Overall the construction is scheduled to take two years to complete with pumping stations being constructed at East Shore, North Beach, and South Shore in addition to new infrastructure which will collect, and transfer, wastewater to the treatment plant in Portrane from the existing outfalls and overflows.

“Work on this project will finally commence in November of this year, and I hope that the fact that the contract has now been signed will provide members of the local community with peace of mind regarding the future of wastewater infrastructure to serve their needs.

“Having raised this issue on numerous occasions with Ministers in both this Government and the last, and having previously called upon the Minister in the Dáil to urgently act to ensure the necessary wastewater infrastructure is provided to Rush, I am pleased that we now have certainty in this regard.

“The fact that sewage is being discharged untreated into the sea at Rush is, as I have said before, wholly unacceptable. Not only would this affect the tourism potential of the local town, but more importantly it poses a public health risk. Now, at least, the end is in sight with Irish Water prioritising the provision of the new wastewater infrastructure for Rush.

“I will continue to monitor the progress of this vital project and will work to ensure no further delays occur. The local community in Rush have waited too long for this, and construction must start on schedule in order to address the needs and concerns of local residents.”