It’s now or never, as COP26 begins

Dublin Fingal TD and Fine Gael Climate Action Spokesperson, Alan Farrell, has said that COP26 is the final chance for the world to avoid climate catastrophe.

COP26 began on October 31st and will run until November 12th. Deputy Farrell will travel to Glasgow on Sunday 7th November to participate in the summit.

Deputy Farrell said, “The world has just under two weeks to commit to real and transformative climate action measures; failure to do so will result in a climate catastrophe and cast the future of young people and future generations into doubt.

“There is no other way of putting it; if the world fails to reach consensus and follow through on that consensus with action, we will breach the targets agreed in Paris six years ago, resulting in wide-scale disasters, the like of which humanity has not seen before.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “Under the Paris agreement the world agreed to limit temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100. At our current trajectory we will reach 2.7 degrees by that time.

“Report after report also show that fossil fuel production and investment continues to exceed what the science is telling us is safe and that as a global society we must correct this course.

“I do not, however, believe that it is too late to act. By using this moment, we can make the necessary changes that will save the future of the planet, but it must be done now. We have no more time to lose.” Deputy Farrell added.

“While in Government, Fine Gael has brought in climate-positive policies, showing that countries can change for the better. We must, with all our effort, bring this experience and knowledge to the fore at COP26 and demand that larger nations step up, now. We must also be a vocal advocate for supporting smaller or poorer nations in their efforts to tackle climate change.”