Action Plan for Jobs

Alan Farrell TD brings Minister Richard Bruton to Fingal to discuss Action Plan for Jobs

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell hosted a Business Breakfast Briefing with Minister for Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, in Swords today (Friday) to discuss how the Action Plan for Jobs can support small and medium businesses in Fingal.

“Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers in Fingal attended this morning’s briefing which took place in The Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords.  I want to encourage Small and Medium Businesses in the area to learn how they could benefit from these actions which set out to minimise red tape, reduce employment costs, and encourage start-ups and expansion by making the process less costly and less daunting.

“This Government has, through its Action Plan for Jobs, announced almost 300 actions contained in the Action Plan for Jobs this year and 249 actions in 2012 aimed at stimulating growth and job creation.

“The briefing was a unique opportunity for business people in this community to hear directly from Minister Bruton, and to ask questions about how these actions can reduce costs, promote growth and create jobs in their own business, and in Fingal.

“The annual increase in employment shows 3,000 additional jobs being created every month.  We now have 33,800 more people at work than was the case in June 2012; an annual increase of 1.8%.Since coming to office, this Government has made the unemployment crisis its number one priority.”


34,000 extra jobs in 12 months

29th August, 2013
Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell has said that the CSO Quarterly National Household Survey figures released today (Thursday) which show an annual increase in employment to June of 33,800 is a clear indication that the Government’s strategy to get people off the dole and back to work is paying off.

“The annual increase in employment shows 3,000 additional jobs being created every month.  Since coming to office, this Government has made the unemployment crisis its number one priority. We have introduced initiatives such as the Jobs Initiative, the Action Plan for Jobs and Pathways to Work to stem the loss of jobs, of which there were 250,000 in the last three years of Fianna Fáil’s reign, and to identify the best ways of getting the people of Dublin Fingal back to work.

“Today’s figures show that that strategy is working, as we now have 33,800 more people at work than was the case in June 2012; an annual increase of 1.8%. While for many, the impact of these measures has not yet been felt in their own pockets, we are steadily making a dent in the jobless figures, which will increase confidence in the domestic economy, allowing businesses to grow and further increase employment.

“We are making a transition from an economy that was once based on people buying and selling houses to each other at dramatically inflated prices to one that is based on enterprise, exports and innovation. The effectiveness of this transition is evidenced by the fact that the IDA had two record years in 2011 and 2012; Enterprise Ireland had a record year in 2012; and last year’s exports, at a total of €182 billion, were 16% higher than even pre-crisis figures.

“We are on the right track, but we still have far to go. We are now at a point where we are creating a net 3,000 additional jobs a month and, crucially, we are seeing the long-term unemployment figures, coming down. It is crucial that we remain focused and keep our eye on the ball so that we can continue to encourage investment and create favourable conditions in which jobs can be created in Dublin Fingal so that we can get our people off the dole queues and back into the workforce.”

Business Breakfast Meeting with Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation 6th September 2013

Minister Richard Bruton T.D., Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation will be holding a Business Breakfast Briefing for local businesses on Friday 6th September 2013 in the Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords.

As you are aware the Government have, through its Action Plan for Jobs 2013, announced almost 300 actions in 2013 and 249 in 2012 to stimulate job creation in across a variety of sectors.

This briefing will be an opportunity for businesses to ascertain how these actions can reduce costs, promote growth and create jobs, and to discuss these measures with the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

The Business Breakfast Briefing is taking place at 8am sharp.  Registration is from 7.30am – 8am and tea, coffee and pastries will be served.

While there is a national focus around the Action Plan for Jobs 2013, as a T.D for Dublin Fingal I believe that much can be done to boost business and employment in the Swords and Malahide area.

I am of the view that we all need to work together in helping to create an environment for business growth,  and that government also needs to listen to local businesses and organisations who have built up experience in these areas over the years.

If you wish to attend please register your interest by contacting me on 618 4008 or emailing me at

Action Plan for Jobs helping to create 2,000 jobs a month

Friday, 19thJuly 2013

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has said that the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs is creating the conditions whereby 2,000 jobs per month are now being created in the private sector. Deputy Farrell’s comments were made following the release of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs sixth quarterly progress report which showed that 160 out of 180 objectives have been delivered for the second quarter of 2013.

“I welcome that the Government is delivering on the objectives it set out in the Action Plan for Jobs. This is a long term project and I am delighted to see that it is bearing fruit in the form of 2,000 jobs per month being created. There is still a long way to go but this a welcome change to the last government when 80,000 jobs per year were being lost in the private sector.

“In the last quarter, the Government has delivered 89% of its Action Plan for Jobs commitments including the JobsPlus intiative, a €175million Seed and Venture Capital Scheme and Local Enterprise Offices.

“JobsPlus involves the provision of regular cash payments to employers to offset wage costs where they employ people who have been on the Live Register for over 12 months. It is a fantastic incentive for employers to create jobs and will, I believe, provide a welcome boost to employers and to the Exchequer as more people are removed from the live register.

“The Government has also launched a new €175million Seed and Venture Capital Scheme, aimed at leveraging private sector funds to provide a total of €700 million in funding to high-growth Irish companies with the potential to grow employment, as well as mentoring and networks.

“We began the roll-out of 31 Local Enterprise Offices across the country, a network of one stop shops to deliver world-class services to start-ups and micro-businesses in every county in the country. Job-seekers and employers will now have a single location within their own area to facilitate job creation. Among other things, the Local Enterprise Offices will help to identify suitable candidates for job opportunities that become available.

“The unemployment rate has dropped from 14.1% to 13.7% – the first time since 2010 it has gone below 14%. The numbers of people unemployed has dropped below 300,000 for the first time since 2010. The long-term unemployment rate has fallen from 9.5% to 8.4% in the past year.

“Getting Ireland back to work remains the Government’s number one priority and the Action Plan for Jobs is the key driver to support investment and jobs. While the creation of 2,000 jobs a month is more than welcome we must continue to do more to break down the barriers to entrepreneurship and job creation.”


Over 2,000 jobs per month created in private sector since Government’s Action Plan for Jobs began

30th May 2013
Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell, has welcomed figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) which show that unemployment has fallen below 300,000 for first time since 2008. The CSO’s Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) labour market estimates also reveal that over 2,000 jobs per month have been created in the private sector in the last year since the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs began.

“As a result, unemployment has fallen below 14% to 13.7% for the first time since Aug 2010. Significantly, long term unemployment has dropped from 9.5% to 8.4%.

“The drop in unemployment numbers below 300,000 for first time since 2010 is a significant and symbolic marker as this country works to rebuild its economy. Under the previous Fianna Fáil led Government, 90,000 jobs a year were lost in the private sector as a result of years of Fianna Fáil’s poor economic planning, cronyism, lack of regulation and waste.

“This Government has been given the task of getting this country back on its feet and these figures show that economic recovery is taking place. The Government’s Action Plan for Jobs is a practical plan designed to get people back to work – and it is working. Over 2,000 jobs per month have been created in the private sector since the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs began in February 2012.

“The Government’s job is to create the environment for jobs and it has done so by implementing 96% of measures in the Action Plan for Jobs. This includes reducing red tape for small businesses, investing in third level ICT programmes, which will attract investors, and going out and selling Ireland to investors abroad. The creation of 2,000 new private sector jobs a month shows that this approach is working. Today’s figures show the real impact of this progress.

“We have also revised our legislation to provide a deterrent to late payments in the economy and improve business cash-flow. We are granting visas free of charge and on an accelerated basis to visitors from abroad attending specific events during The Gathering.

“Far too many people are still out of work and many people are still struggling. We still have a long way to go, but this announcement shows that we are rebuilding our economy.”


Ministers visit Fingal County Council to showcase ‘first stop shop’ local enterprise reform

20th May 2013
“Reform of local enterprise boards will increase support for small and medium business in Dublin Fingal as part of the Action Plan for Jobs,” according to Alan Farrell TD for Fine Gael, following the showcase of the Local Enterprise Office at Fingal County Council this week by Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton, and Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan T.D.

“As part of a radical reform of the system of supports for small businesses in Fingal, aimed at delivering a world-class service, the first-stop shop service will be delivered through a Local Enterprise Office, benchmarked by Enterprise Ireland through its Centre of Excellence and delivered in partnership with Fingal County Council.

“This new model will draw and build on the success of the Fingal County Enterprise Board, but for the first time bring together the skills, experience and resources of Enterprise Ireland, the CEBs and the Local Authorities to micro and small businesses in Fingal, all of whom have an integral position in supporting job creation.

“Enterprise Ireland will have a significant oversight role in the activities of the LEO through its Centre of Excellence and will ensure the appropriate matching and linking of national and local policy and programmes. It will also provide a wide range of benefits such as networking and mentoring programmes that will be invaluable to local businesses looking to expand and create jobs.

“Support to micro and small business transcends beyond grant aid and financial support – it is also about making the operating environment at local level conducive and responsive to entrepreneurship and enterprise growth and development.

“Going forward the LEO will provide the incentive for Local Authorities to “think small business first” as part of their work and the broader services that they provide.  The use of the local authority system to deliver business supports via LEOs is very much part of the overall reform of local government.

“The Centre of Excellence and the establishment of LEOs is a new model, designed to deliver a high quality, innovative, first-stop shop support service for small businesses in Dublin Fingal as part of the Action Plan for Jobs 2013.”


1000 jobs a month created in our improving economy, 96% of measures in Action Plan for Jobs implemented

26th April 2013
Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell has welcomed the progress being made in job creation after the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, and the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, announced that 144 out of 150 measures scheduled in the Action Plan for Jobs have been implemented in the first quarter of 2013. The implementation of these measures comes at a time when 1,000 new private sector jobs are being created each month.

“The implementation of 144 out of 150 measures in the Action Plan for Jobs in the first quarter of 2013, shows that the Government is delivering on its commitment to create the environment for job creation in Ireland. The practical impact of this progress is seen in the creation of 1,000 new private sector jobs a month. This is a welcome contrast to the previous Government which oversaw the loss of 7,000 jobs per month, over 250,000 job losses prior to the General Election 2011. Although this shows that we are moving in the right direction, there is still a huge amount to be done.

“This Government has helped transform how the international community sees Ireland and this has reaped dividends in the form of significant job creation by international companies in Ireland and record exports of Irish products. Over the past 15 months, an additional 15,000 jobs have been created in the private sector. Irish and multinational exporting companies had record years in 2012, and our exports have hit levels 16% above the pre-2008 high.

“The previous Fianna Fáil-led Government based its economic model on property, banking and debt and it ruined our economy. The worst legacy of that regime is the 250,000 jobs that were lost in three years. This Government will continue to enable the transition to a sustainable economy based on exports, innovation and enterprise. We believe that this will provide the jobs that we so badly need.

“The Government’s job is to create the environment for jobs. This Government has done this by reducing red tape for small businesses, investing in 3rd level ICT programmes which will attract investors and going out and selling Ireland to investors abroad. The creation of 1,000 new private sector jobs a month shows that this approach is working.

“As part of the plan to make Ireland a leading location for ICT skills we have:
·    Provided 2,000 additional places at ICT-graduate level;
·    Increased by 50% the number of job permits granted over the coming year in the ICT sector;
·    Provided for 700 additional graduates from ICT skills conversion Programmes, and 600 additional graduates from Springboard ICT courses.

“As well as delivering on the larger-scale projects, we continue the equally necessary programme of rebuilding the small business sector:
·    We have reduced red tape for small businesses by implementing the 10 Point Tax Plan for the SME sector;
·    We are closely monitoring the lending targets for the two pillar banks;
·    We have facilitated the NPRF’s delivery of a new suite of SME investment funds.

“We have revised our legislation to provide a deterrent to late payments in the economy and improve business cash-flow. We are granting visas free of charge and on an accelerated basis to visitors from abroad attending specific events during The Gathering.

“Far too many people are still out of work and many people are struggling. However this announcement  shows that we are making real progress. Jobs are and will remain the top priority of this Government, and we will continue to implement the changes necessary to rebuild the economy.”



Farrell welcomes provision of thousands of new training places for long-term unemployed


Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell, has today Tuesday welcomed the announcement that free educating and training places are being provided for up to 6,500 people who are long-term unemployed. The MOMENTUM programme is a new Government initiative, which has been launched by the Minister for Education, Ruairí Quinn TD, and the Minister of State for Training and Skills, Ciarán Cannon TD.

“Creating job opportunities, particularly for the long-term unemployed, is a key aim for this Government. We are completely rebuilding what was a broken economy, and a crucial part of this process is ensuring that our workforce has the right skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow. These 6,500 new education and training places are particularly focussed on giving jobseekers access to areas of the economy where there are opportunities.

“Under this initiative, a huge range of programmes will be provided by 36 education and training providers in the public and private sector. They will be spread right across the country, and will focus on the expanding employment areas of ICT, digital media, healthcare and social services, the green economy, food processing and sales and marketing. In Dublin Fingal, there are a range of courses available including PRISM, Food production, Healthcare assistance, warehousing and manufacturing.

“The courses will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the long-term unemployed, using international best practice to suit the Irish context. For younger jobseekers, a range of activation projects will also be available for those aged under 25 to help them get into the workforce.

“As a Government, we are determined to get people back to work. We have already seen some  progress in terms of employment figures; the number of people on the Live Register has fallen by more than 12,000 over the last year. Private sector employment is growing for the first time in four years, with thousands of jobs being created in the exporting sectors and in IDA-supported companies. We need to ensure our workforce has the right skills to maximise these emerging opportunities.

“Helping unemployed people access high quality and economically relevant training opportunities will help to turn around our jobs market. MOMENTUM places an emphasis on strong labour market opportunities including significant work placement as an integrated part of courses. Funding will only be provided for courses that supply needed skills, ensuring people are getting the training they need to get back to work.”

Funding for Fingal job creation


“Additional funding for Fingal Enterprise Board will fund the creation of up to 20 jobs in Dublin Fingal” according  to Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell.

“The Minister for Small Business, John Perry T.D. has announced the provision of an additional €200,000 for Fingal County Enterprise fund to directly fund job creation in Dublin Fingal to fund job creation projects in the remaining months of 2012.

“This is part of an national €3.78million fund that has just been announced for County and City Enterprise Boards to support and encourage companies to start-up or expand their services and thereby create and sustain jobs around the country.”

“This announcement follows an exercise in which each CEB was asked to examine the funding it currently has available and to determine whether this was sufficient to cover the project proposals coming to them over the rest of the year. Arising from this exercise, 5 Boards concluded that their existing allocation of funds in 2012 was sufficient to meet their needs.

“It is well established that a huge proportion of jobs in this country are held in small, local enterprises. These companies are the lifeblood that is playing a key role in helping to restore our local economy to a healthier footing.”

Micro Finance Fund scheme will help small viable businesses access credit and create jobs


Fine Gael Dublin North TD, Alan Farrell has said that the Government’s Micro Finance Fund Scheme, introduced as part of the Jobs Action Plan will help new and small businesses access credit and sustain jobs.

“New and very small viable businesses can lack the collateral and credit track record to access normal bank credit. To combat this, Minister Bruton has announced a €20 million investment fund, Micro Finance Ireland, that will lend funds of up to €25,000 to viable small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Start-ups, sole traders and existing microenterprises with a staff of under ten people will be eligible to apply for a loan under the scheme.

“Dublin North has a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and small businesses.  People who have a business idea,  but lack the capital to get it off the ground, whether they are unemployed or already in a job, will now be able to access the crucial finance that they need.

Nationally, this measure will create an additional 7,700 jobs. It will also form part of a series of measures aimed at encouraging more people to start a business as part of the Jobs Action Plan and has been welcomed by the Irish Banking Federation and Chambers Ireland.”

“The Micro Finance Fund Scheme is a key part of the Jobs Action Plan, and along with the Credit Guarantee Scheme and the Credit Review Office will help businesses employ more staff by encouraging banks to lend more by reducing the risk involved.”

 Action Plan for Jobs 2013 designed to have high impact on employment creation


Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has welcomed the publication of the Action Plan for Jobs 2013, which targets job creation in small businesses and start-ups, as well as the biggest multinational companies. Deputy Farrell added that the JobsPlus initiative, which is one of seven Disruptive Reform measures included in the Plan, will help to get the long-term unemployed back to work.

“The Action Plan for Jobs 2013 is an ambitious document containing 333 actions to be implemented across 16 Government Departments and 46 agencies aimed at stimulating job creation. The Plan contains actions to support business, reduce costs, improve access to finance and target key growth sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and ICT.

“This is the Government’s blueprint for boosting the number of jobs by 100,000 by 2016 and will build on the progress made in 2012, when 12,000 net new jobs were created in the private sector. 2012 was also a record year for job-creation by Irish and multinational exporting companies. It is clear that progress is being made, and jobs are being created in growing sectors of the economy. But unemployment rates remain far too high, and we are determined to push ahead with radical reforms that will make it easier for people to get back to work.

“The APJ 2013 includes seven Disruptive Reform measures which will be implemented in conjunction with senior industry figures and are designed to have a significant impact on job creation. One of the key measures is the JobsPlus initiative, which will provide an incentive for employers to hire those who have been unemployed for a long time. The State will pay €1 for every €4 it costs an employer to take on a new staff member from the Live Register.

“While there are already a range of measures in place to help employers take on people from the Live Register, there has been low take up on some scheme. JobsPlus will provide a simple, easy to understand scheme to encourage employers to give job opportunities to the long-term unemployed.

“Among the other Disruptive Reforms are commitments to boost the number of ICT graduates this year, a new €70 million energy efficiency fund, a move to get 2,000 more small businesses trading online, the creation of a single licensing system, a focus on growing the Big Data sector and the development of a new Health Innovation Hub.

“Another area contained in the Action Plan for Jobs is Ireland’s data storage facilities.  Ireland is fortunate in that our temperate climate suits Big Data storage facilities, which require vast amounts of power to run to prevent overheating. Not only is Google building a data centre in Dublin, but Microsoft, Amazon, Dell and HP all have data centres in Ireland.

“The APJ contains a huge range of measures that will improve access to finance, boost investment in Research & Development and support high potential start-ups. These measures will create thousands of jobs this year as we continue to rebuild our economy and get our people back to work.”

Government promotes growth in aviation industry


Measures introduced in the Finance Bill 2013 will benefit jobs and growth at Dublin Airport, according to Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal Alan Farrell who has commented on the Bill as it passes through the Dáil this week.

“As part of the Finance Bill, Minister for Finance Michael Noonan T.D has introduced two provisions that will benefit the aviation sector, and is good new for Dublin Airport.  There will be an increase in tax allowances for facilities and an acceleration of investment schemes for maintenance and repair operations in order to incentivise this sector to invest in construction or refurbishment and therefore stimulate job creation.

“All measures included in this Bill have a targeted focus for job creation and I am pleased that the Minister has recognised the importance of our aviation industry within this category.  For every one job created in Dublin Airport, four jobs are created in the region as a direct result and this quantifies the value of investment in this sector for Dublin Fingal.

“I would also like to welcome the continued opposition from government of the proposed Ryanair bid to take over Aer Lingus.  As things currently stand, while there has been no official statement made, it is understood that the European Commission have conveyed their decision to Ryanair that they will be supporting our government on this matter.

“Their decision, along with that of the government, is good news for Aer Lingus, its employees and for consumers.

“I very much welcome the fact that government is supporting Dublin Airport and its related services, and it is a clear indication that there is recognition of the vital role played by this sector in job creation for Dublin Fingal and beyond.”

Jobs figures and strong exchequer returns bring promising start to 2013


Fine Gael TD, for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has said that jobs figures released by Enterprise Ireland bring a promising start to 2013. More than 13,600 new jobs were created by Irish exporting companies last year, representing the highest net gain in jobs in 6 years. The latest exchequer returns also show that the State’s finances are continuing to stabilise.

“The publication of Enterprise Ireland’s end of year results brought a positive start to 2013, and shows that we are making consistent progress on the jobs front. Irish exporting companies created more than 13,600 new jobs in 2012; a net gain of more than 3,800. That’s the highest net gain since 2006. The end of year exchequer figures brought further encouraging news; they show that tax revenues were ahead of targets last year.

“Creating new jobs and bringing our public finances into balance are essential as we tackle our unemployment levels, which remain far too high. The Government has been tasked with completely rebuilding the economy from a broken, failed model, to a sustainable one based on innovation and enterprise. As well as implementing changes to support small, local businesses, we are also determined to help as many companies as possible to expand into lucrative export markets.

“A number of measures have been implemented as part of the Action Plan for Jobs specifically targeted at helping potential exporters. These include a new Potential Exporters Division within Enterprise Ireland, a new Micro Enterprise Division, a scheme to target international entrepreneurs and another to promote greater female entrepreneurship. This was underlined by an aggressive programme of sixteen Ministerial level trade missions targeting new growth markets for Irish companies.

“It is significant that 73% of the jobs gains have been located in areas outside the Dublin/Mid-Eastern Region. After large job losses in the exporting sector in 2008, 2009 and 2010, these results for 2012 mark a significant improvement in this crucial part of the economy.

“The Taoiseach recently underlined his determination to keep job creation at the top of the political agenda. A special Cabinet meeting on jobs will be held this month, with a particular focus on small and medium enterprises and the domestic economy. The Government will continue to implement a range of measures aimed specifically at job creation, with this year’s Action Plan for Jobs due to be published shortly.

“Irish companies are proving that they have the capacity and the ambition to expand into new markets. For every one job created in an Enterprise Ireland company, an additional job is created in the domestic economy. New jobs were created last year despite the fact that most export markets were in economic difficulty. The global economy should improve in the year ahead; representing a major opportunity for Irish companies to further expand in 2013. I am confident that the progress shown by Irish companies over the last 12 months can be improved in the year ahead.”

Funding for Balbriggan hub will facilitate start up business in Dublin North



Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has said that the allocation of funding to Fumbally Exchange Balbriggan is a welcome investment in entrepreneurs, start-ups and sole traders in Dublin North. “I would like to congratulate Fumbally Exchange Balbriggan on its successful bid for funding through Fingal County Enterprise Board, Balbriggan Town Council and Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce. I know that a lot of work has gone into achieving this financial support through the efforts of Sean Corrigan, and I commend these aforementioned agencies for recognising this as a worthwhile investment in our local entrepreneurs.

“The benefit of this initiative for start ups and sole traders is twofold; an appropriate base and a good business support network. By supporting Fumbally Exchange Balbriggan, we are giving a helping hand to the vital development of an entrepreneurial culture within the community.

“I would encourage all suitable candidates in Fingal who are running or starting a small business to investigate the benefit of being part of this new micro enterprise centre in Balbriggan. There are almost 50 businesses that have benefited from the the Fumbally Exchange initiative in Dublin City Centre, where dividends have already paid off with a number of new commissions secured by the collective, including development on a GAA clubhouse in New York.

“It is encouraging to know that there is still interest in business and entrepreneurship in Dublin North, and I look forward to the products of innovation that this will create in Balbriggan and the wider community. For more information please visit”

 Action Plan for Jobs; New website to help businesses cut costs and create jobs


Fine Gael Dublin North TD, Alan Farrell, has said that as part of the Action Plan for Jobs, a new Government website will help businesses to cut costs and create jobs by reducing the burden of red tape. The website,, has been launched by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton.

“Small businesses sometimes struggle with the burden of red tape; they want to comply with all relevant regulations but it can be difficult to get the right information. Now, through this new website, information on regulations imposed by more than 30 Government bodies will be available in one place.

“As part of the Action Plan for Jobs, the Government is committed to making it easier to start up and expand a business. Business owners in Dublin North have spoken to me of the difficulties associated with red tape. So by reducing this burden, the Government is helping businesses to cut costs, giving them the ability to create the jobs we need.

“Up to now, businesses had to trawl through endless websites to learn about necessary compliance measures. The new website,, addresses the need for a single source of information on regulatory requirements.  It provides over 150 separate links to information, guidance and contact details. This includes practical advice on how to start up a business, how to comply with regulations, and sector-specific information.   The concept is very simple; the less time employers have to spend on red tape, the more they can spend on growing their business.

“The website has been launched under a commitment in the Action Plan for Jobs. It’s just one of a series of measures being implemented by the Government to reduce the burden of red tape. These include cutting administrative burdens by a quarter and streamlining the five employment rights bodies into two bodies.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy in Dublin North, and in towns and villages across the country. This Government is determined to take the steps needed to help these businesses flourish and grow.”

Jobs Action Plan brings increased resource allocation for Balbriggan Enterprise and Training Centre


Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has said that the allocation of a Business Development Manager to the Balbriggan Enterprise and Training Centre is good news for community businesses, entrepreneurs and job creation in Balbriggan.  This is part of the Jobs Action Plan set out by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD.

“Appointing a Business Development Manager to a Community Enterprise Centre in Balbriggan will drive business links and entrepreneurship on a community level, and ultimately create local employment.

“As part of the Government’s Jobs Action Plan, these allocations will create jobs in the community.   Nationally, this scheme will grow up to 800 companies, creating up to 5000 jobs.  In Balbriggan, there should be an increase from 68 to 82 the number of positions forecast from this announcement alone.

“The Business Development Manager will be responsible for managing the Enterprise Centre, facilitating the graduation of companies from the centre once their employment levels take off, manage cooperation with other business and training stakeholders, while collaborating with other enterprise centres in the area.

“County Enterprise Boards have a proven track record in supporting business and entrepreneurship within the community. I am confident that this will have a positive and significant impact on business development in Balbriggan, and I look forward to further proposals of a similar nature to be announced by Minister Bruton as part of the Government Jobs Action Plan”

Over 6,000 new places announced on Springboard 2012

The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D., together with the Minister of State for Training and Skills, Ciarán Cannon T.D., today announced 6,000 new part-time higher education places for unemployed people as part of a further roll out of the Springboard initiative.
36 institutes of technology, universities and privately-run higher education colleges around the country will be offering 220 Springboard courses.
These courses will be in the expanding enterprise areas of ICT, medical devices, the green economy, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and international financial services.  Programmes will also be available in cutting edge cross-enterprise skills such as Six Sigma, lean and quality systems, international selling, languages, business start-up and entrepreneurship skills. Courses are free, part-time, and are at certificate, degree and postgraduate level.
Announcing the 6,000 places today, Minister Quinn said: “The Government is committed, through the Action Plan for Jobs, to supporting business to create jobs and getting growth back into the economy.  Springboard is providing a dynamic pipeline of job-ready graduates with the skills and qualifications that the expanding growth sectors of our economy need.”
Over 3,500 people are due to graduate this month from the first round of Springboard programmes, which were put in place in 2011.
“Not only do these graduates have up to date qualifications, they also have a wealth of experience and workforce skills to bring to an employer,” the Minister added.
Minister Cannon said: “This Government is determined that, as the economy recovers, unemployed people will be supported to return to employment by accessing re-skilling opportunities appropriate to their needs.  An expansion of Springboard in 2012 is one of the commitments provided for in “Pathways to Work”.“A number of changes to Springboard 2012 are also being introduced in response to feedback on last year’s first phase of Springboard.
The eligibility criteria have been expanded to include people who were previously self-employed and people in receipt of an extended number of social welfare payments such as the Disability Allowance and the Carer’s Allowance.   A Freephone Guidance line 1800 303523 is also being put in place to assist people with course choices and applications. The HEA-funded Freephone line is being hosted in the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed.
The Springboard programme has been developed in close collaboration with enterprise and the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs. Funding is only available for programmes in areas of identified skills needs and which provide for an accredited qualification. Programmes will be available from higher certificate to post graduate degree levels.
IBEC Head of Education Policy, Tony Donohue, said: “IBEC is pleased to see a further roll out of Springboard places this year. Feedback from enterprise to-date has been very positive. IBEC is working with the HEA to support the 3,500+ graduates who are due to complete the programme this month, as well as promoting awareness in enterprise sectors of the benefits of the overall Springboard initiative.”

Credit Guarantee Bill will help small businesses in Dublin North to access credit and create jobs


Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has said that the Credit Guarantee Bill 2012, which has been published by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, will make it easier for small and medium businesses in Dublin North to access credit and create jobs.

“Access to credit is the biggest single challenge facing businesses across Dublin North. Every week I meet local business people who express their frustration and dismay at their inability to access credit from the banks. Small and medium businesses need a reliable stream of credit to function, particularly in the current difficult trading environment. The Credit Review Bill will directly tackle this problem.

“The Bill provides for the establishment of the Temporary Partial Credit Guarantee Scheme, which will help commercial viable SMEs struggling to get finance. It will support businesses that have insufficient collateral, and those that are operating in sectors with which the banks are not familiar. Under the Scheme the State will provide a 75% guarantee to banks against losses on loans they give to firms with growth potential.

“This will allow for tens of millions of euro to flow into Irish business, which, in turn, can strengthen and expand their operations and create jobs. Initially, the Scheme will facilitate an extra €150 million in lending per year – that will benefit more than 1,800 businesses across the country. This lending will be on top of the lending targets already set down for the two pillar banks.

“There are obvious positive knock on benefits for the wider economy from this Scheme. By supporting viable businesses, the Government is helping to get people off the live register and stimulate local economic activity. It’s estimated that there will be a net gain for the Exchequer of €25 million per €150 million in lending.

“For the businesses involved there are also benefits beyond the initial access to credit; the Scheme will allow them to build up a positive track record with the lender, which should make it easier to secure traditional loans in the future.

“The publication of the Credit Guarantee Bill is a key commitment under quarter one of the Action Plan for Jobs. A range of other measures under the plan will be delivered this year aimed at improving conditions to help businesses to flourish and create jobs.”