Largest Ever Investment in Digital Technology in Schools will better equip students for 21st century workforce

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has said the investment of €210 million into digital technologies in schools, under the five year Digital Strategy for Schools, will benefit primary, special, and second-level schools across the North County.


“I am delighted that €210 million will be invested into digital technologies in schools over the next five years as part of the Government’s Digital Strategy for Schools. This is the largest ever such investment and every primary, special, and secondary-level school will benefit from grants under the Digital Strategy.


“From the next school year, grants of up to €30 million will be available to schools across the country, with this figure rising to €50 million by 2020. The purpose of allocating this level of multi-annual funding to our schools is to ensure all students can develop the technological skills that will become essential in the years ahead. As part of the Digital Strategy, focus will be placed upon integrating digital skills into both the curriculum and assessments, and developing opportunities for Leaving Cert students to take an in-depth ICT course.


“In addition to this, ICT skills will become part of teacher education and on-going training for teachers while additional digital content will be provided to schools which will include working with sports bodies and cultural institutions to enlarge the range of resources. Key to the Digital Strategy will be the promotion of safe, and responsible, use of the internet and social media, particularly in terms of the prevention of cyber-bullying.


“Furthermore, under the National Broadband Plan, every school in Dublin Fingal, and across the country, will have access to high-speed broadband by 2020. I am pleased that, as part of this Government’s Digital Strategy, this will be enhanced by investment in high-speed wifi networks for our schools.


“Each school in Dublin Fingal will benefit from this investment in digital technology. It will undoubtedly assist students throughout the North County by better equipping them with the skills which are often required in the 21st century workforce.”