Malahide Railway Bridge Collapse

“Thankfully a tragedy was avoided on Friday by the quick thinking train driver who raised the alarm at such an early stage. I believe this individual should be congratulated in some formal way. Following this collapse, I believe it imperative that Irish Rail complete whatever works are required to restore the bridge without delay.

“It is also important to note that any repair works that take place ensure that the viaduct is not breached which would be a potential environmental disaster to the Broadmeadow estuary. The removal of the viaduct during repair works could result in a multi million litre outfall of water from the inner estuary which could potentially put lives at risk for those who use the estuary for business and pleasure purposes, a concern shared by the Malahide Chamber of Commerce.

“The delicate balance of sea & fresh water, coupled with the mud flats at the mouth of the Swords River offer a home to a plethora of wildlife which could be jeopardised if Irish Rail fail to fully understand and address the variety of issues surrounding this viaduct.

“I also believe that this is a perfect opportunity for Fingal County Council to represent its objective to complete a footpath and cycle track across the viaduct. This objective of the development plan was raised while I was Mayor of Fingal in July 2007, I believe that this project would be a tremendous benefit to the greater community whilst also completing a vital link in the footpath network for the north county.

“While the priority is of course the replacement of the bridge, I believe Irish Rail would be remiss to turn down the opportunity to look into this community gain project a little further.