Malahide to host Ireland’s inaugural Cricket Test Match on home soil in May 2018

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell has welcomed news that Malahide Cricket Club will host Ireland’s first cricket test match on home soil in May 2018.

“I am delighted that Malahide Cricket Club will host Ireland’s inaugural cricket test match on home soil next May. Irish cricket was elevated to test match status in June of this year, and granted full membership of the International Cricket Council.

“Ireland’s success in cricket is further supporting by the fact that cricket is now our country’s fastest growing sport. With participation in cricket increasing, I hope we will have many more successful years for Irish cricket head.

“As we now have test match status, and with our first test match on home soil now scheduled for May 2018, it is essential that the Government step up and provide the infrastructure to Malahide Cricket Club which will allow our local economy in Dublin Fingal to realise the economic benefit which comes with being a test status nation.

“With great cricket nations like Australia, England, India and South Africa now possible competitors for Ireland on home soil, providing the necessary investment and resources into the development of our cricket facilities in Malahide would allow our country to reap the economic rewards in terms of the increased number of overseas visitors these test matches will attract.

“Cricket Ireland fought hard to gain test match status for Irish Cricket, now the Government must build upon their success. Much credit must be given to the team at Cricket Ireland and each of the 50,000 people who play cricket in this country for the work they have undertaken to grow, and support the sport across Ireland.

“I look forward to Ireland’s first test match in Malahide next May and I am sure cricket in Ireland has many years of success to come.”