Metro North another victim of Fianna Fáil Government

Fine Gael TD for Dublin North, Alan Farrell, has today reacted to the announcement that Metro North has been postponed until 2015.

“Unfortunately, the reality of what this Government has inherited is a severe cut in capital which is vital for the delivery of a €4billion project such as Metro North.

“Capital for infrastructure has been significantly cut due to the incompetent budgetary planning of our predecessors, and since the Minister took office in March of this year the people of Dublin North have been given unprecedented honesty about the future of the project.

“This represents a significant shift in direction from the previous administration. In the past this project was used for political purposes by backbenchers from the Fianna Fáil Government.

“However it was clear from our first week in office that while they had no realistic means or resources to complete this €4bn project, they proceeded to spend millions in the planning and development stages. It begs the question as to whether former Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, proceeded with the expensive planning stages for political reasons.

“I am committed to ensuring that Metro North will be delivered to the people of Dublin, connecting the city centre to the airport and signifying our commitment to this worthwhile investment. The Government will review Metro North in 2015 by which time I hope we will have succeeded in bringing back economic stability to this country.

“Greater Dublin Area strategic planning has identified a significant transport deficit on the north side of the city. Large tracts of land in the vicinity of Swords and the airport have been earmarked for job creation and I believe that when Metro North is delivered it will be a significant driver in job creation.”