Minor Works Grant & Summer Works Programme will benefit schools in Dublin Fingal

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has welcomed the confirmation from the Minister for Education and Skills that over €108 million is being made available for Minor Works grants and for the Summer Works Programme for schools.

“I am pleased that, following confirmation from the Minister for Education and Skills, that €28.5 million is being made available for the payment of a Minor Works grant to primary schools for the current school year. This is due to be paid by November 20th this year. Furthermore, it is great news for schools in Dublin Fingal, and across the country, that €80 million is being invested in a multi-annual Summer Works Programme, with €40 million of this being made available for 2016 and the additional €40 million to cover 2017.

“The Minor Works grant will provide schools with funding to improve the physical infrastructure of our schools and it will allow schools to purchase furniture and IT or physical education equipment, without having to deal directly with the Department of Education and Skills. Under the Minor Works grant, the rate payable per school is €5,500, with an additional €18.50 for each mainstream pupil, and €74 per special needs students. This would mean that, for a primary level school with 300 pupils, the grant would be worth over €11,000 while a special school with 100 pupils, the value of the grant would be almost €13,000.

“In addition to this, the application process is now open for the Summer Works Programme for schools, for which €80 million is being made available for 2016 and 2017. Schools can apply for funding under this programme to carry out small and medium scale building works, including works to upgrade school buildings, roofs and windows along with other structural improvements. Funding is also available to facilitate electrical, gas and mechanical works.

“The funding being provided under the Summer Works Programme, and as part of the Minor Works grant, is of the utmost importance to schools across the North County. It is essential that we continue to provide all schools with the supports they require in order to ensure our children receive the best possible education in an environment which facilitates their learning. I will endeavour to support all schools in Dublin Fingal with their future upkeep and development.”