New speed limit guidelines will make roads, and residential areas, safer in Dublin Fingal

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has called for a full review of the speed limits currently in place throughout the North County, particularly in residential areas and housing estates, following the publication of the ‘Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits’ by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe TD.


“I am encouraged by the fact that Minister Donohoe has published a new document entitled ‘Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits’. The purpose of this is to provide advice to those who are responsible for speed limits across the country, and subsequently increase road safety.


“These new guidelines include recommendations for the establishment of new urban ‘Slow Zones’ which would reduce speed limits to 30km/hr in housing estates. It is currently the case that speed limits are simply too high in many residential areas in the North County. Such speed limits often put our children at risk, particularly in cases where roads through housing estates and residential areas are used as ‘rat runs’ Lower speed limits in these areas may assist in deterring motorists from using such routes and therefore making them safer for residents and children. ‘Slow Zones’ are envisaged to be self-enforcing, slow speed areas with speed bumps among other traffic calming measures.


“In addition to these recommendations for residential areas, the guidelines released by Minister Donohoe will see a new sign placed on small country roads throughout Dublin Fingal which will replace the current 80 km/hr sign. The rationale behind this is to encourage drivers to use their own judgement when travelling on a country road, while not exceeding 80 km/hr. Speed limits for rural roads will be based primarily the road width while, in urban areas, speed limits will be determined in relation to how the road is used and where it is located in relation to the town centre.


“I am pleased that increasing road safety is the core objective of these guidelines which are in keeping with international standards. I would urge Fingal County Council to begin to review the speed limits in place throughout the North County without hesitation.”