Proposed closure of Right of Way in Drynam Hall/Melrose

Following the decision of my colleagues within the Howth/Malahide Ward on Thursday afternoon, I would like to express my disappointment to the numerous local residents who were given commitments by virtually all sitting councillors in the run up to the local elections in June of this year.

I stand over my decision to vote in favour of closing this right of way which should not exist in line with the current development plan. I am disappointed, as a resident that my fellow Councillors of all parties have voted to keep it open, despite a proper, locally driven petition and obvious alternatives routes to the nearby shops and facilities.

I would also like to record my disgust at the report and associated correspondents which clearly states that no other walkway exists from Drynam Hall/Kettles Lane to the Feltrim Road. This assertion is clearly untrue and deliberately ignores the two alternative routes onto the Feltrim Road, both of which have recently had pedestrian barriers erected in order to further enhance their safety.

I do not consider this matter complete and will, if necessary wait until Drynam Hall, Phase 4 is completed (whenever that might be) before raising this with the area committee again.

For the full report on this right of way, please click here.