Protection of children who are being groomed to commit crimes must be prioritised

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal and Chair of the Oireachtas Committee for Children and Youth Affairs, Alan Farrell has voiced his support for the recommendation by Professor Geoffrey Shannon, the Government’s Special Rapporteur on Child Protection, that legislation should be introduced to prosecute adults who groom children to commit criminal offences.

“I believe the recommendation by Professor Geoffrey Shannon to introduce a “Fagin’s law” which would allow for the prosecution of adults who groom children to commit crimes should be prioritised by Government.

“Such a law would be greatly beneficial in advancing child protection measures in this country.

“We have a responsibility to provide our children with the strongest protections possible. The introduction of legislation to tackle the issue whereby children are being groomed to commit robberies, car thefts, drug deals and many other crimes, proposed by Professor Shannon, would be a significant advancement in child protection.

“Children who are groomed to commit such crimes should not be criminalised due to the malicious actions of adults. People who take advantage of children, who are some of our most vulnerable citizens, should, and must, be held accountable by our courts.

“I am fully supportive of Professor Shannon’s recommendation on this matter, and I believe the introduction of legislation to target adults who are actively criminalising children and young people should be introduced, and enacted, as a matter of urgency.”