Reunite Swords – My submission to the Constituency Commission

As a TD for Dublin North since the general election of February 2011 and a Fingal County Councillor since June 2004 I would like to submit the following for your review.
In my opinion, the county town of Swords should be reunited with the constituency of Dublin North including the rural areas whose main association is with Swords and the rest of the north county.  The current arrangement is far from ideal leaving many residents with a feeling of disenfranchisement on the basis that they are represented by TDs whose main focus is within the tight conurbation of Castleknock, Blanchardstown and the greater Dublin 15 area.
Swords is a rapidly expanding town and despite the current economic recession it continues to grow.  I am of the view that we should consolidate our existing communities both in terms of social infrastructure and pubic representation.
The commission has a difficult task ahead of it within it’s terms of reference.   Not withstanding the above submission, I would urge caution regarding the overall reduction in the numbers of TDs in Dáil Éireann.  Our population is steadily growing and it is on this basis that I suggest the upper limit of the terms of reference be adopted.  I would also reference Trinity Professor Michael Gallagher’s research in this regard, which I understand has been brought to the Commission’s attention by others.