Revision of ‘smoky’ coal ban will benefit environment and health in Dublin North

Fine Gael TD for Dublin North Alan Farrell has said that the revision of the ‘smoky’ coal ban for Dublin, thus switching over to smokeless fuels, will have environmental and health benefits for Dublin North.

“Minister Phil Hogan has announced that the ‘smoky coal ban’ regulations are to be revised in Dublin North in time for the next winter fuel season.”

“The new regulations will be the most extensive revision to the smoky coal ban since its introduction in 1990, which is more than twenty years ago.  An update to these regulations will mean that Dublin North will benefit from cleaner air and a healthier environment for our children, not to mention the obvious positive impact on the environment.

“According to research, since the 1990 ban on smoky coal in Dublin City, there have been 350 fewer deaths each year.

“Some existing ban area boundaries are being extended to take recent urban development into account, based on the 2011 Census.  The ban is being extended to all of Dublin County, including suburbs and satellite towns. A number of regional towns in Ireland have also been included but I would like to see the ban extended to the island of Ireland.

“While I welcome this development for Dublin North, I understand that there are difficulties in a nationwide ban, particularly as it is available in Northern Ireland, however I have urged the Minister to extend his cooperation to authorities in that jurisdiction to in an effort to increase the possibility of a ban across the entire island.”