Safety of local residents and children must be a priority during construction of National Forensic Mental Hospital

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell has stated that, while the construction of the National Forensic Mental Hospital on the grounds of St. Ita’s Hospital in Portrane will be great for the local area, he is very concerned about the routes which construction vehicles will use to access the site.


“While I am in support of the construction of the National Forensic Mental Hospital in Portrane, and while the overall project will be beneficial for the local communities of Donabate and Portrane, I am strongly opposed to construction traffic using the bridge into and out of Donabate.


“The construction of the National Forensic Mental Hospital in Portrane will certainly have a positive impact in the local community and on the local economy. Not only will it improve mental health services but it will also bring more money into the local economy through the movement of positions from the Dundrum site and creation of new jobs in Portrane. However, while the construction of this facility will benefit Portrane and Donabate in the long-term, we cannot allow the safety of residents and children in these areas to be compromised during the construction process.


“I am very concerned regarding the possible use of the bridge into, and out of, Donabate by construction vehicles on safety grounds. Furthermore, I do not think it is acceptable that construction vehicles could be driving through the centre of the village, past nearby schools, sports centres and residential areas. I worry that, by allowing trucks to use these roads to transport materials to the site, residents would be inadvertently put in harm’s way.


“This situation is one which could be easily resolved and I hope that An Bord Pleanála will take such concerns into consideration and decide that construction related vehicles should access the site using an alternative route in order to ensure the safety of residents and children while also preventing an increase in levels of congestion in Donabate and Portrane.”