Significant increase in funding support will see tens of thousands of homes benefit from retrofitting

Dublin Fingal TD and Fine Gael Spokesperson, Alan Farrell, has said that the boost in supports, agreed by cabinet today (Tuesday 8th February 2022), will see tens of thousands of homes benefit from the scheme.

Deputy Farrell, said, “Retrofitting homes across the island is key to reducing emissions produced in from Irish homes. This scheme will also reduce the cost of home heating bills, as retrofitted houses, retain heat more efficiently.”

“A barrier to the progress of the retrofitting scheme has been the cost, that’s why today the cabinet have taken decisive action to assist homes avail of the scheme, announcing the Home Energy Upgrade (Retrofit) Scheme. Today’s announcement will see the Government provide funding to cover up to half the cost, approximately €25,000, of a deep-retrofit.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “There will also be significant support offered to homes that choose to carry out smaller-scale home upgrades, this will include attic and cavity wall insulations, and Government will offer up to 80% of these costs. This would see the cost-burden on households drop significantly, amounting to a few hundred euros in some cases.”

“The introduction of a One Stop Shop will allow homeowners to access a start to finish support system, meaning more people can engage with these supports in a simplified manner.”

Moreover, this plan will allow hundreds of low-income households benefit of free energy upgrades every month, ensuring that we are providing upgrade options for every home in Ireland.”

Deputy Farrell added, “If we are to achieve our goals of seeing 500,000 homes retrofitted and 400,000 heat pumps installed by 2030, we need to encourage take-up. That’s why today’s announcement is so important.”