Statement on the Allocation of Resource Teachers.

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) has issued a circular today on the allocation of resource teachers across the primary and secondary school system.

The number of resource teachers which will be allocated for the new academic year 2011/12 will be 9,950. This is an increase of 350 posts on the number of resource teachers allocated in 2010. There have been no cuts to resource teacher numbers.

It has been decided to allocate 90% of the school’s identified resource teacher needs in the first instance, in order to meet the majority of the schools demands, but also to ensure two things:

1. DES remains within the Employment Control Framework

2. to cover late or emergency applications and any redeployment gaps that may arise

Schools who may have missed the deadline for application to the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) of May 13th now have until the 16th of September to apply for resource teachers.

The NCSE will then consider their applications. If the demand through late or emergency applications is less than 10% of posts, as is expected, then the Department will revisit the initial allocation and increase the numbers.

The DES is taking this step to ensure that resource teachers are allocated to schools fairly and equitably and on the basis of need.

Reports that there is a 10% cut in the number of resource teachers are totally inaccurate. Such incorrect reports have the potential to cause unnecessary stress to parents, teachers and pupils at this time.

There were 9,600 Whole Time Equivalent (W.T.E) posts for 2010. There are currently approximately 9,800 resource teachers in the system. In September this number will rise to 9,950 – an increase of 350 posts in a calendar year.

The DES has met with Primary and Post Primary school Management bodies to advise them of the position and to advise them of this proposal.