Stay Safe this Hallowe’en

Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell is calling on residents in Dublin Fingal to stay safe this Hallowe’en by avoiding dangerous bonfire sites which cost our local taxpayers €150,000 per annum and reporting anti social behavior to the Gardaí.


“I am urging the people of Dublin North to be vigilant and play their part in keeping our community safe this Hallowe’en.

All bonfires are illegal, dangerous and cause significant damage to the environment. Furthermore, residents should raise awareness throughout the community of the impact that Hallowe’en has on our local services. The consequences of illegal bonfires and anti social behavior on this one night of the year costs Fingal County Council up to €150,000 in clean-up expenses, and permanently damages open areas in the community. This figure does not even take into account the extra resources required by emergency services at Hallowe’en, which is their busiest night of the year.

“Bonfires are illegal and dangerous and you can play your part by reporting suspicious behaviour to both an Garda Síochana and local authorities anonymously. Where materials are being stocked in public places they will be removed once the authorities have been notified, you can do this by calling Fingal County Council at 1800 20 10 93.

“Hallowe’en is a very special tradition and there are many organised events of which young people can take part in. We must not allow anti social behavior be tolerated just because of a tradition. It is essential that we all play are part in ensuring that young people are made aware of the dangers of illegal bonfires in the community.’