Success of Enterprise Ireland in 2014 shows economic recovery remains on the right track

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell is encouraged by Enterprise Ireland’s End of Year Statement for 2014 which shows that their client companies created over 19,700 jobs in 2014.


“It is encouraging that Enterprise Ireland client companies created over 19,700 jobs in 2014 with a net increase of almost 8,500 people employed by these companies. These employment levels are the highest ever recorded in the history of Enterprise Ireland. In fact, it is now the case that Enterprise Ireland supported companies now account for, both directly and indirectly, over 300,000 jobs which represents 16% of the total workforce.


“In addition to this, 2014 had the lowest level of job losses among Enterprise Ireland support companies since 2000. Enterprise Ireland has undertaken important work in terms of supporting small and medium sized enterprises. Such SMEs are essential to the recovery of our local economy and they are vital to ensuring local towns in Dublin Fingal thrive in the coming years. The launch of 31 Local Enterprises Offices in April 2014, including Fingal LEO, represented the Government’s commitment to supporting small businesses throughout the country.


“The Best Young Entrepreneur competition which was run by the LEOs throughout the country, with the support of Enterprise Ireland, received over 1,000 entries. This highlights the fact that we all have budding entrepreneurs and innovators in our local areas and initiatives such as this are fundamental in terms of providing them with the necessary supports to start up as, in the years to come, they will create jobs in our local communities.


“It is clear from the success of Enterprise Ireland client companies that the Action Plan for Jobs is working. However, much remains to be done to bring the recovery to every home in the North County. SMEs are the largest job creators in Ireland and the work Enterprise Ireland, and the Local Enterprise Office do in supporting SMEs is invaluable in terms of securing the future of our local economy.”