Tackling childhood obesity must be a priority during the new school year

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell, has urged parents and schools to place a greater emphasis on healthy eating and exercise for children ahead of the new school year.

“The scale of childhood obesity in Ireland is something which must be urgently addressed. With retailers now stocking school trousers with waist sizes of up to 50 inches, the impact which childhood obesity is having on future generations is more evident now than ever before.”

“One in every four primary school students is now overweight, and while this is a serious problem, it is certainly not insurmountable. By ensuring that our children have a healthy diet and are active, we can increase the prospects of them continuing to adopt a healthy lifestyle in future years. In order to effectively tackle childhood obesity, it is essential that we make healthy and active lifestyles the norm for our children.”

“With the youngest population in the State, Dublin Fingal is home to many families with young children and I would urge parents and schools throughout the North County to adopt a healthy attitude to tackling childhood obesity during the upcoming school year.”

“While it does take a slightly greater effort to make sure our children are receiving healthy lunches and dinners and getting some exercise on a daily basis, it is very worthwhile. Getting into a routine and planning ahead is essential in doing this, especially as the school year begins.”

“The Government has launched the Healthy Ireland initiative which will encourage healthy living throughout Irish society. Every one of us has a responsibility to ensure that our children are provided with the foundations from which to live long and healthy lives. This is an issue we must address today and I will continue to work towards a healthier and more active Ireland.”