Tax Credit announced to offset water charges for those with a low income

Fine Gael Dublin Fingal TD, Alan Farrell, has stated that he is encouraged by the introduction of a tax credit for low income workers to alleviate the pressure they will face from water charges, as announced in the Budget for 2015.


“The introduction of a tax credit for low income workers to assist in alleviating the financial pressure they would face from water charges is a necessary move and I am glad that the Government have recognised this. This new tax credit comes in conjunction with the previously announced €100 euro allowance to assist those in receipt of the household benefits package with their water charge bills.”


“In addition to this tax credit for low income workers, the eligibility criteria for the €100 allowance will be widened to include others who are in receipt of social welfare payments, instead of restricting this payment to just those receiving payments from the household benefits package. I am delighted to see the Government introducing these supports as a means of offsetting the cost of water charges and the financial impact they would have on low income families.”


“Following the worst recession in the history of the State, where people in Dublin Fingal, and throughout the country, had to make huge sacrifices to get the country back on track, we must do all we can to help those who are struggling to pay their bills.”


“As we continue on the road to recovery, it is essential that nobody is left behind and that everybody feels the impact of the recovery in their own homes. The introduction of water charges is an unfortunate necessity, but I believe the measures announced to counteract the impact of these charges are an essential first step in making sure everybody benefits from our improving economic circumstances. I will continue to push for measures which will further support low income families throughout Dublin Fingal.”