Techcrete – Eleven storey Building for Howth?

The large industrial complex at the entrance to Howth Village, Techcrete has been subject to a controversial planning application in recent months. The Developer has applied for an eleven storey “Landmark” building within the development of four and five storey apartment buildings. While the Council Planners have requested additional information from the builder prior to making a decision, it is quiet clear that the application goes too far for already landmark town of Howth. A development of this nature will put huge pressures on traffic flows, DART usage, Parking and of course, the main junction at Sutton Cross. While community facilities are on the cards for this development, I believe that it will be far too high a price to pay.

The developer has an additional six months to reply to the Council’s request for Additional Information. While I will be watching this application closely, I would encourage the community to keep a close eye on the site so that together, we can ensure the proper planning and sustainable use of this hugely prominent site.