Traffic Calming for Ard Na Mara

On Tuesday last, Fingal County Council submitted a proposal on public display for the installation of traffic calming measures to be introduced on the Dublin Road at the Junction with Ard Na Mara.

These proposals emanated from a recent accident at this location which prompted Malahide Gardaí to ask the council to come up with some other form of speed reduction.

The council installed additional signage in recent years and despite this, many motorist continue to break the speed limit and take this corner at high speed.  Early this year, I approved the installation of a speed reader at this location which more often than not is flashing red numbers indicating excessive speed by road users.

In an ideal world, the best course of action would be to either straighten the road or install speed bumps, the latter being unacceptable given the volume of traffic and its proximity to nearby houses, the former would most likely result in the loss of several trees from Malahide Demesne. I am hopeful that if given the public seal of approval the council’s suggestions will reduce speed and therefore reduce the likelyhood of yet more serious accidents at this corner.

Details of the full proposal will be available at in the coming days.