Unemployment figure in Dublin North rises, again.

CSO shows unemployment has grown in Dublin North by 298 in one month.

Central statistics office figures released today have shown a marked increase in the numbers seeking unemployment benefit in both Swords & Balbriggan, the two largest towns in Dublin North and the location of the Department of Social & Family Affairs offices.

Yet more shocking figures have been released today by the Department of Social & Family affairs showing a marked increase in those on the Live Register with a national figure of 413,505, an increase of 1,100 in one month.

Broken down further, these figures indicate a loss of 60,000 jobs in Dublin in the last 24 months with over 12,000 of those being under 25. 865 under 25 year old in Balbriggan are also on the dole, an increase of 282% in 24 months. (Swords figure not available due to closure of Cumberland Street office in July).

Tomorrow, Wednesday the Government have an opportunity to address the mammoth issue of job creation but, judging by the number of strategic leaks emanating from the Department of Finance, Fianna Fail and the Greens remain bereft of ideas. For the sake of this countries future, this government must put together a job stimulus package strategically targeted at the unemployed and would be employers, not to mention offering those in need of retraining an opportunity to get back into the class room and change their career.

On Friday, Fine Gael launched its budget strategy for 2010 highlighting a job stimulus package which would get 50,000 people back to work in 2010 and by almost 175,000 by 2013. We have seen no such suggestion from Government, despite being in a downward spiral from well over two years.

Fine Gael have suggested the following:
– A major cut in PRSI
– Roll out of €18billion NewERA stimulus plan
– Targeted Youth Unemployment initiatives
– Abolition of Airport Tax
– Reversal of recent VAT Changes & a short term reduction in lower rate

This proposals, coupled with fresh thinking and determination will drive our economy out of the doldrums and get out country back to work.

Further information on FG’s Budget 2010 are available here. http://www.finegael.org/news/a/1776/article/