Unemployment level falls for 30th consecutive month

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Fingal, Alan Farrell is encouraged by the CSO figures released today which show that the level of unemployment has dropped to 10.6%


“It is encouraging news that the unemployment level has fallen once again and it now stands at 10.6%. The level of unemployment in Ireland has now decreased for 30 consecutive months. I am sure that this will welcome news to many people in Dublin Fingal. Last week’s exchequer returns, combined with these latest CSO figures, show just how influential job creation is on the standing of our national finances.


“Unemployment levels were at their highest in February 2012 which is the same month the Government launched the Action Plan for Jobs. At that time, this Government aimed to create 100,000 jobs by 2016. Thus far, over 80,000 new jobs have been created and now the Taoiseach has set a target of getting 40,000 new jobs on-stream this year. Job creation has been paramount in terms of rebuilding the Irish economy and it will continue to be of fundamental importance as we continue on the road of economic recovery.


“Providing the conditions to allow those who are unemployed to return to work has always been to the fore of the Government’s agenda. For each person who moves from being out of work to being in full-time employment, the State has €20,000 more to allocate to other services. The impact that increasing levels of people in full-time employment can have on the State’s resources has already been seen as it allowed for spending increases to be allocated for Garda resources, schools and the health system in 2014.


“While this is positive news for many people in Dublin Fingal, the fact remains that too many people are still unable to find work. I will continue to actively engage with the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to work towards further incentivising job creation in the North County which would subsequently allow for increased investment in our essential services.”