Urgent decision on future of Irish aviation needed from Government

Fine Gael and Dublin Fingal TD, Alan Farrell has called on the Government to act decisively in order to safeguard the future of the Irish aviation industry and the jobs that rely on it.

Deputy Farrell said, “The introduction of the ‘Ireland Strategic Investment Fund’ (ISIF), was an important and necessary step to ensuring the long-term health of medium and large businesses. Minister Paschal Donohoe’s creation of the Pandemic Stability and Recovery Fund (PSRF) and the additional €2 billion at its disposal was equally important for the support of large employers within the State.”

“I believe that the situation within the Irish aviation industry is at a critical juncture and Government must ensure that as many jobs are protected as possible. The PUP, TWSS and CRSS, were all beneficial programmes which thus far have limited job loses, however without the provision of ISIF funding through PSRF, we risk losing a large number of jobs and the knock on effect to jobs that rely on a thriving aviation sector, thus affecting countless families across the country.”

Deputy Farrell continued, “Any such decision by Government, must include both Aer Lingus and Ryanair, which together make up a significant number of employees within the sector.”

“As an island nation, we have long used our geography successfully, linking the old and new worlds of Europe and North America. This connectivity has allowed us to grow our influence around the world and launch our economy to new heights.”

Deputy Farrell added, “Without action by the Government, we risk losing these vital connecting routes held by the aviation industry in Ireland, the loss of which could prove catastrophic to the sector and the wider economy.”