Water supply in Fingal

Fingal County Council continues to reduce supplies of water to residents each night this week.

The following is an email from the Council, issued at 6pm on Monday January 18th.


Water pressure will be reduced in all areas in the coming days, from 10pm each night until 6am the following morning to allow reservoirs to fill.

Tankers and standpipes will provide emergency water supplies today while demand exists at the following locations:

Naul(The Square) Tanker

Garristown Inn – Standpipe

Unexpected local problems with bursts, airlocks or pumps may mean that some areas do not get a water supply back at the time estimated here.

Ring Commons/Naul area – water supply still disrupted in homes on higher ground. Tanker on site until 8pm.
Garristown area – Garristown Village should have water. Small number of homes still affected by a burst watermain has low pressure or no supply. Standpipe at Garristown Inn.

Howth Summit – reservoir levels low this evening. Should recover overnight. Local disruption on high ground.

Continuing water conservation in the coming days is the key to allowing our reservoirs to refill and to restore a water supply across Fingal.  The Council will have to continue to restrict water supply at night throughout the weekend and into next week.